Real Estate CPE Seminar in Alabang for Brokers & Salespersons November 2012

The PAREB-Muntinlupa Real Estate Board (PAREB-MUNREB), the real estate brokers’ association  of PAREB  well-recognized in the Alabang community for its professional practitioners, will be holding a Real Estate Seminar for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for Brokers and Salespersons in Alabang from November 10-11, 2012 at the 2nd floor of Chowking Molito, fronting Alabang Town Center, Alabang Zapote Road, Muntinlupa City.

Conducting the sessions is Atty. Ariel Martinez, considered to be one of the best lecturers in the Philippine real estate industry today.

PRBRES Director and Chairman of AIPO Committee, the Honorable Ramon C.F. Cuervo III with MUNREB President Sol M. de Jesus, MUNREB Past Presidents and incumbent Trustees: IPP Atty. Dominique F. Inigo (2010 & 2011), PP Emilia M. Robles (2007), Corp. Secretary Enrique G. Santos, Comptroller Doris W. Bautista and PP Ophelia H. Wolf (2008 & 2009).

The seminar is open to all real estate brokers seeking to renew their licenses. Philippine real estate brokers with PRC licenses expiring 2013 should ensure that they have complied with the total 60-CPE units by their birthdate  in 2013.  However, we strongly recommend to even those real estate brokers with licenses expiring by 2014 to complete their CPE units early so as not to cram the deadline.


 DAY 1 (Nov. 10, Saturday, 8 am – 6 pm) 
Problems, Practices and Cases of Broker’s Professional Fees 2
The Contract to Sell over Real Estate 2
Implications of Sale of Real Estate to Minors 1
Estate Taxation 2
Estate Planning Involving Real Estate 2
Selling Properties of the Dead 1
Total CPE Credits, Nov. 10 10
DAY 2 (Nov. 11, Sunday, 8 am – 6 pm) 
The Property Registration Decree – Salient Features 2
Understanding Sec. 4 Rule 74 Annotation on Title 1
The Nature of Adverse Claim Annotation on Titles 1
Condominium Concepts 2
The Real Estate Salesperson & Real Estate Broker Relationship 2
Taxation of Real Property You Own 2
TOTAL CPE Credits, Nov. 11 10

You can also download the topic outline here: Real-Estate-CPE-PAREB-MUNREB-CPE-Topic-Outline-2012 .

CPE seminar participants who complete the two-day program will receive a certificate of attendance for 20 credit units. Those who wish to apply for registration as licensed salespersons under the PRC may take 12 units of the seminar.


  1. Download , fill up and sign the duly accomplished  MUNREB CPE REGISTRATION FORM and email back to us.  Or  fill up the form below.
  2. Pay the seminar fees:
    a) Two days seminar–Php 3,000.00 (inclusive of meals & seminar materials)
    b) One day seminar–Php 1,750.00 (inclusive of meals & seminar materials for both days)

    DEPOSIT ACCOUNT INFORMATION:a)  Make checks payable to “MUNREB“.
    b)  Deposit to bank/account number: Bank of the Philippine Islands C/A # 0331-110-78

  3. Confirm your registration by scanning and emailing the deposit slip.  To confirm your registration, participants must write their FULL NAME & TEL. No. on the validated DEPOSIT SLIP,  scan it & email to Mrs. Maricar Sison, MUNREB Trustee and Treasurer (+63917-8730227).

Those who registered and have confirmed payment thru the  above  will have confirmed seats during the seminar. 

For your other questions on the MUNREB real estate CPE seminar in Alabang,  you may call Ms. Maricar Sison +63917-8730227 or email PP Ophelia Wolf.


PAREB ID Form and HLURB Requirements for Renewal of Registration

Download 2012_PAREB_ID_FORM here.

February 20, 2012 

Dear Member Boards Officers & Members,

Please find attached PAREB ID Information Form for distribution to members.

We would like to attend to the distribution of Id’s the soonest possible time thus we would want to request the attached form filled up and returned via email to

Your immediate action is highly appreciated.

Very truly yours,



Secretary General

HLURB Requirements

For those who wish to renew their HLURB registration, please find below the requirements:

1. Duly accomplished HLURB application form – 2 copies
2. ID picture (1×1) – 1 copy – please print name on back of picture

3. Photocopy of HLURB Certificate of Registration for the previous year- 1 copy

4. Photocopy of PRC certificate and ID – 1 copy each

5. Photocopy of Surety Bond of Php5,000 (same as that submitted to PRC) – 1 copy

6. Photocopy of NBI Clearance or Valid Passport – 1 copy

Our treasurer, Ms. Maricar Sison, can still receive your requirements and the Php700 fee until Monday, February 27, 2012.

MUNREB’s Continuing Professional Education (CPE) 2011



How to apply for MEMBERSHIP with MUNREB

Here are the guidelines/procedure for MUNREB members who wish to sponsor friends/colleagues for purposes of applying for membership:

1. Have the applicant Download and accomplish the  2010 – Membership Information Form 1.

2. Please take note that the Sponsor must be a MUNREB member in good standing.

3. Applicant should attend the GMM as guest (subject to a Php300 assessment) and should pay an application fee of Php1,000.00. Please confirm applicants’ attendance at the next GMM via  text message to 0906-5546201.

Please be guided accordingly.

PRC Registration Requirements and Procedures



For the benefit of new members of MUNREB (present and future), I am reposting these notes from our President, Atty. Dominique Franco-Inigo posted in our Munreb Yahoogroup last August 3, 2010 :


PRC Rules on RESA: The IRR was published in the Phil Star last July 24, 2010. PRC will accept complete applications starting August 9,2010.
Filing Fee is P900.

Holders of Valid DTI licenses may apply for PRC license & registration without taking the licensure examinations. Please note items 1, 2, 4, 5, 8 and 9 below are applicable to MUNREB members:

The IRR states that an applicant for registration without examination must submit the ff. documents:
1. Original and photocopy of certificate of live birth/birth certificate (NSO) or valid Philippine passport, or any other proof of citizenship.

2. Original and photocopy of certificate of registration (COR) and/or Professional Identification Card (PIC) or DTI Licenses;

3. DTI Certification of Rating (for those who passed the examinations but failed to obtain their license),

4. Original and photocopy of NBI Clearance

5. Duly notarized CEP/CPE Certification

6. Civil Service Commission Certification, DOF, or any other national government agencies or GOCC Certification (assessors or government appraisers), or any certification of accredited seminar/training provider.

7. Appointment papers and service records to prove appraisal or assessors experience (for assessors/government appraisers)

8. Original and photocopy of Marriage Certificate/ Contract of Marriage (NSO) (if applicable)

9. Four (4) passport size colored photos with complete name tag in white background, original and photocopy of community tax certificate (CTC), and surety bond for real estate brokers and private real estate appraisers.

NOTES on the requirements:

Filing Fee is P900 nine hundred pesos.

The Surety Bond must be in an amount NOT LESS than
Twenty Thousand Pesos and issued by a reputable bonding company.

The CPE certification must be NOTARIZED. Those holding notarized CPE certificates issued 2007 and after may use these CPE certificates to comply with item 5 above. For those who took or attended a MUNREB CPE in 2007 or after, and cannot find/locate their certificates, may request MUNREB to issue a NOTARIZED CPE certificates for a fee.

[Those who do NOT have any CPE credits may contact the PAREB Center at (02)477-7890 for the available schedules.]


To download the APPLICATION FORM and PROCEDURES, click on this link to view our earlier post.

After submission of the Application for Registration, wait for the succeeding issuance of the Board Resolution Approving Applications for Registration Without Examination by the PROFESSIONAL REGULATORY BOARD OF REAL ESTATE SERVICE. Resolutions to this effect are posted in the website of PRC at As of this writing, the latest Resolution issued by PRB-RES on the matter is  Board Resolution No. 5, dated March 25, 2011.





Posting here the January 19, 2011 message of Immediate Past President Ophie Wolf in our Yahoogroup regarding the requirements and procedure for the registration:

For those whose applications have been approved and whose names have appeared in the list of approved applications circulated in the PRC website, following is the guide on how to proceed when you go to PRC to register.

What to bring:

1) Claim stub & OR for the P900 application fee
2) 2 Passport-size photos with white background and name tag in front
3) 1 ID size version of nr. 2
4) P40 for 2 documentary stamps; P50 notarial fee for Oathtaking form; P600 for registration fee P450 for annual fee; P1,000 for oathtaking ceremony ticket
5) small brown (manila) envelope – print your name clearly on the upper left-hand corner and put one of the documentary stamps and one passport-size photo (from Step 2) inside
6) have your cedula nr., date and place of issuance handy

Step by Step Procedure

1. from PRC entrance proceed to the left corner window (Public Assistance Counter) and ask for an Oathtaking form

2. Fill up the Oathtaking form, affix one passport-size photo in the space provided on the right hand corner.

3. Proceed to the counter on the right side to buy 2 pcs. of documentary stamps tax, pay P40. The staff at the counter will affix one doc. stamp on your oathtaking form. Put the other doc. stamp inside your
small brown manila envelope together with the other passport size photo.

4. Proceed to the 2nd building, turn left and left again to Window 27. Present your oathtaking form and OR and claim stub. The lady at the window will give you the Index card you submitted when you filed your application together with the Oathtaking form with the assessment already written on it.

5. With these, go to the Cashier right by the front of the building (where you also paid your P900 application fee) and pay P1,050 (P600 + P450). Get the OR.

6. Then go to the Legal Department on the 2nd Floor of the same building and have your Oathtaking form notarized. Pay P50 notarial fee.

7. Go back to Window 27 and present your Oathtaking form, Index card, OR, small Manila envelope with the doc stamp and passport photo inside.

8. At Window 27 you will be asked to fill up the Professional Registration Form. The number on the line you will be asked to fill up will be your Registration or PRC License No. . Fill up all boxes except the last one with “Remarks”. For the Box which says date of examination, write Registration without Examination. Affix your 1×1 Photo in the box provided. A tube of paste is already provided by the window. Affix your thumbmark– a stamp pad is also provided by the window.

9. The Lady at Window 27 will give you your OR back and the claim stub.

10. Go to the left corner where a table is set up which says Oathtaking tickets – present your claim stub for the lady to check your name in the list of approved applicants. If your name is found, she will give you your ticket, have you sign two log books and get your P1,000 payment.

FINITO! Keep your claim stub and bring it to the Oathtaking ceremonies on February 10 because the finished certificates and License ID’s will be distributed at the venue and yours might just be one of them.

Here’s what the Oath Form looks like. To download, click on this link.




On-going registration is until April 14, 2011. Oath taking ceremonies slated on April 26. Seats are on a first-come, first-served basis. Come in Filipiniana attire at the PICC.

Results of the First Broker’s Licensure Exam conducted by PRC on March 2011

Click on the link to download list of successful examinees REB exam results 03-11 For the PDF file of the TOP TEN list, click on the image below:

Last March 2011, the PRC through the Board of Real Estate Service conducted the first Real Estate Broker’s Licensure Examination in conformity with the Real Estate Service Act (RA9646) . Out of 3,185 examinees, 4,762 passed the exams given in Manila, Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Davao and Iloilo.

Registration for the issuance of the Professional Identification Card (ID) and Certificate of Registration will start on Thursday, April 7, 2011 until April 14, 2011. Those who will register are required to bring the following:

duly accomplished Oath Form or Panunumpa ng Propesyonal
(available at the Public Assistance window near the gate),
current Community Tax Certificate (cedula),
2 pieces passport size picture
(colored with white background and complete nametag),
1 piece 1” x 1” picture
(colored with white background and complete nametag),
2 sets of metered documentary stamps, and 1 short brown envelope with name and profession;

Prepare the Initial Registration Fee of P600 and the Annual Registration Fee of P450 for 2011-2014.

Please be reminded also of the required surety bond (Php20,000). Make sure that the obligees are both PRC and HLURB, and your name in the surety bond matches your name in your application with PRC as reflected in the attached list of successful examinees above.

Successful examinees should PERSONALLY REGISTER and SIGN in the Roster of Registered Professionals.

To facilitate the process of Registration of the new brokers who passed the March 2011 exams, the PRC has released the following schedule:

To download the schedule, click here.

The oathtaking ceremony of the successful examinees in the said examination will be held before the Board on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City.

Tickets for the oathtaking will be available at Php750 from April 7, 2011 to April 25, 2011 at a table near the window where you will sign in the Roster of Registered Professionals. There is no seating arrangement, it will be on a first-come first-served basis.

CONGRATULATIONS and in behalf of the whole community of PAREB, WELCOME TO THE PROFESSION!

CONGRATULATIONS likewise to all PAREB-Accredited Service Providers in various parts of the country. Olivia A. Ramos, Director-In-Charge and Chairperson of the PAREB Education and Information Committee notes: “the rate of passers from the PAREB Local Boards combined exceeded the national passing average in the examinations. In fact, quite a number of our examinees made it to the TOP TEN! We will provide you their names as soon as I am done collating the information from different Service Providers.”

Should you wish to inquire about the local board in your location, feel free to call the PAREB Center at (02)477-7890.

Fit & Well: Join MUNREB’s Christmas Party 2010

Take a break, you're fit to party!

Happy Holidays! Join us at “Fit and Well”, MUNREB’s General Membership Meeting & Christmas Party on December 16, 2010, 5pm at the Alabang Golf and Country Club.

Be ready to have fun in your green, gold, silver or red exercise/gym outfits!

We’ll have raffles, games, & prizes. Project presenter TRES PALMAS of LIVINGSPRINGS COMMUNITIES will do a brief presentation and accreditation.  Enjoy an energetic dance workout session to be led by fitness expert, Trustee Cindy Marquez Soriano.

Text +639065546201 to confirm your attendance or email us. Join the fun. FOOD & DRINKS ON THE HOUSE!

If you want to join in the gift exchange, preferred theme for gifts is fitness or wellness. Amount is <=P500. Gift suggestions are: towel, water bottle, spa products, gym bag, foot or body massage certificates, one-time yoga sessions, organic food bars, salon session, aromatherapy CDs (bootleg:)) , a derma consultation or facial session gift certificate, aromatherapy room spray, dental prophy sessions, gym shirts with fun taglines. . . you’ll think of something to fit, we’re sure!

Since this is our last general meet for the year, take this chance to celebrate a productive 2010, and network with our fellow members. You may also renew your membership on site. Fee is P3000 for members in good standing.

Confirm now. See you on December 16, 2010 at 5pm!


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